Teeth can shift and change over time for several reasons, even if you’ve previously had orthodontic treatment. Trosien Orthodontics offers a variety of options, depending on your individual needs.

Orthodontic Relapse: What causes it

Orthodontic relapse happens when teeth that have been straightened move back to their original position. A variety of factors can contribute to this shift, which includes:

  • Genetics and age-related changes: teeth naturally shift over time as people age.
  • The shape and size of your jawbone: changes in the shape and size of the jawbone can affect how teeth fit together, which causes them to shift.
  • Oral habits (like grinding or clenching your teeth)
  • Tooth loss: when teeth are missing, the surrounding teeth can move toward the gap. When this happens, an orthodontic assessment helps determine what are the next steps. Based on the amount of relapse that has occurred, limited or comprehensive retreatment may be recommended.